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Bitminer Limited

Bitminer Limited specializes in Bitcoin mining, aligning with the booming cryptocurrency market. This forward-thinking company actively engages in financial activities related to Bitcoin mining and subsequent trading, leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise to stay ahead in the industry. With a commitment to excellence, Bitminer Limited ensures high uptime and optimal performance, earning the trust of tech experts worldwide. Clients benefit from direct withdrawals, allowing them to access mined funds daily, providing flexibility and convenience. By automating the mining process and focusing on coins with the highest exchange rates, Bitminer Limited maximizes profitability for its clients. As a leader in the field, Bitminer Limited envisions expanding its cloud mining operations to serve a global community of miners, embracing innovative blockchain solutions to meet evolving market demands and maintain its position at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution.


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Today, Bitminer Limited presents unparalleled terms and ensures secure collaboration. By creating an account, you can invest and earn 2%-3%-4% consistently, patiently awaiting the surge in value. As evidenced by Bitcoin's recent surpass of $70,000 per coin, its limited supply suggests a probable future price increase. Bitminer Limited offers a strategic opportunity to capitalize on this potential growth, providing a reliable platform for investment. Join us today to benefit from our trusted services and seize the opportunity for substantial returns in the cryptocurrency market.

Why Should Miners Choose BTCminer?


Discover one of the world's most reliable cloud mining platforms. Our state-of-the-art security measures include daily database backups using the SHA-256 algorithm, ensuring your peace of mind while mining.

100% Network Uptime

Our team of tech experts guarantees a 100% network uptime by leveraging the latest technology and advanced mining hardware, ensuring seamless operations for your mining endeavors.

Daily Payout

Withdraw your earned BTC daily upon reaching the minimum payment threshold. Our secure and swift process ensures quick access to your funds.

Instant Allocation

Cloud Mining commences promptly following a successful purchase and confirmation of the correct payment amount over the network.

Lowest Mining Fees

Transparency is paramount to us. There are no hidden costs or extra charges. Your earned profits are directly credited to your address..

Newest Hardware

Experience the pinnacle of mining technology with our utilization of the latest Mining Rig, ASIC miner, and GPU Card. Access the most advanced technology exclusively through bitminer.website

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Our mining hardware is primed and operational. Explore our range of plans to discover the one that best suits your needs.


0.005 / BTC


0.00000200 BTC/Minute

0.00144 BTC/Day

30 % Affiliate Bonus


0.02 / BTC


0.00002100 BTC/Minute

0.01512 BTC/Day

40 % Affiliate Bonus


0.1 / BTC


0.00021000 BTC/Minute

0.1512 BTC/Day

50 % Affiliate Bonus


0.2 / BTC


0.00126000 BTC/Minute

0.9072 BTC/Day

100 % Affiliate Bonus

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What Our Client Says about BTCminer Limited

Become part of a vast community of miners by choosing the premier cloud mining service provider. Bitminer Limited stands as one of the most trusted platforms, endorsed by tech-savvy individuals and recognized as the highest-paying cloud mining platform for over a decade. Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with Bitminer Limited.

"I really really appreciate what Bitminer Limited has done for us, Big thanks!"

John Kevin Mara

United State

"Я так взволнован: D Все выглядит хорошо до сих пор. Kellitta Mining с Bitminer - это очень легко и выгодно"



"I Think Bitminer is one of the best cloud miners out thereof to date I've lost bitcoin on a few different miners but haven't ever worried about losing anything on BTcminer Limited's Cloud platform."


United Kingdom

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